With our team, we are able to evolve your ideas right from the start, plan them in detail, manage the implementation and make your event visually tangible for you.

Ever since Fred was able to operate the switch on a flashlight as a child, he has been fascinated by the effects of light. With his father, he constructed the first lighting controls at the age of 7. In over 25 years of self-employment, he has further developed this enthusiasm in the production of national and international shows. He is attracted by technically demanding large-scale projects as well as a strong production with just one spotlight. His heart beats for art and technology - his good knowledge of people makes him a networker and interpreter.

Frédéric Bommart

After Robo gained experience at various technology service providers in the first 15 years of his professional life, he joined II0I at the end of 2022. As a technical project manager, he knows how to solve complex technical challenges without losing sight of the clients' artistic vision. He is happy to deal with the planning of lighting and truss systems in advance.

Robert Löher
project manager

Jan has been in the industry longer than most of II0I's employees are old. That's not meant to sound disrespectful, but it has to be said because it means he has a broad expertise from which everyone in the company benefits. In the 80s, he toured with smaller bands of various musical genres, did lighting and organized concerts himself with a musicians' initiative. After a trip to other areas, he founded SAL-Event Technology in 1998, which became II0I in 2013. Today he mostly takes care of finances and accounting in the background.

Jan Kulle

After training as an event technology specialist at a Kassel company in 2009, Jonas founded his first company, which he left in 2016 to join II0I as part of the management and later as a partner. His experience in the field of media technology, especially in Barco-systems, complements the company's existing competencies and expands II0I's range of services. It is thanks to his calm and level-headed nature that he can plan and oversee complex media technology systems, especially in stressful situations.

Jonas Häveker

Jaro was enthusiastic about the connection between the design possibilities offered by light and the required technology from an early age. Due to his structured nature, he has a special knack for preliminary lighting planning. He enjoys permanent installations in event venues, as well as leading lighting crews during a production.

Jaromir Brinkmann
project manager

Steve has over 15 years of professional experience and is our man when it comes to media technology. He is a project manager, operator, technician and has a cross-disciplinary view of technical connections.

Steve Schuchardt
technical manager

JNP is an event technology specialist and was our organization's first trainee. The course towards event technology was already set before he graduated from high school through the technical support of school concerts, among other things. He enriches II0I with his commitment in the areas of GrandMA operating and lighting technology planning.

Jan-Niclas Pape

Raphael is the youngest member of II0I and started his training as an event technology specialist in September 2022, but after just under 5 months, he was writing macros on the lighting console as if he had done nothing else in his life. His interest is not limited to programming; he's up for anything, and his open nature makes him an asset to the team.

Raphael Dölle

Markus' path to creative lighting was paved during his training as a specialist at a television station and was consolidated with his qualification as a master of event technology in the field of lighting. He has been a member of II0I since 2020, and as a GrandMA operator, he knows how to develop and program lighting design for events of all kinds. He enjoys taking on challenges in system administration and developing solutions in collaboration with his colleagues.

Markus Heck

If you need a structured lighting planner, Christoph is your man. Neat and tidy plans are his specialty. Whether it's rock 'n' roll or a general meeting - for him, it's about the technology and the clever preparation of the system. He now works full-time on the conception of complex broadband systems and regularly supports us in large-scale productions.

Christoph von Sierakowski
technical manager

Tim is very enthusiastic about coordinating different systems in event technology. In order to solve a task wisely, a piece of software is often created by his own hand. He feels at home at productions with many combinable systems and options. However, his heart beats the most for musical shows on any stage. For over ten years, he has been putting the icing on the cake at every event, both internationally and nationally, so that it can develop its best possible potential.

Tim Hornung